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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sheltering Pines Spirit's Twin Ram Lambs 2009

In 2005 I was thrilled to purchase one of Sheltering Pines ewe lambs, one that happened to be out of Stephen's "Hildegard", a ewe I had admired for her beautiful spotted lambs. True to her dam, "Spirit" is producing beautiful, spotted lambs also!

Pictured above is Spirit with her ewe lamb last year......gee, can you see the family resemblance?

These are Spirit's twin ram lambs this year!!!!! I love spots on Shetland sheep!

How much better does it get? This beautiful ram lamb was very minimal scur growth and is really turning out to be stunning; not too mention he is very well-mannered and loves to come right up for a chin scratch.

This ram lamb will have large scurs and a wonderful tail for a spotted boy! His fleece is extremely soft also.
These wonderful ram lambs are offered for sale @ $225.00

Harvest Thyme Abigail's Stunning Ram Lamb 2009!

I will not lie when I tell you Abigail is my favorite ewe! Abby is a twin fawn kat out of Lil'Country Acres Eliza Jane x Windswept Yankee, a mioget, yuglet flecket ram. Abby is my soul mate in the barn, she is the one who always makes me sit down with her and just relax. Last year she had a single ewe lamb and this year she produced this extraordinary ram lamb with Jammer!

This little guy was the largest lamb born this year and he still is the largest lamb! I nearly fainted when I saw this boy laying next to Abby when I came home from school.......first the markings and then his size! He has my favorite fleece, soft, wavy, exactly what I want!!

There are no butts about it (and it is a cute butt at that:)..................

..........this ram lamb is staying right here with me!!!!
Let me introduce a future flock sire....."Harvest Thyme Rutland"!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Windswept Savannah Grace's Twin Lambs 2009

Windswept Savannah Grace is the most stunning mioget ewe! Heather at Windswept said she could have sold her a hundred times over so I am so pleased to have gotten her first!
This year Savannah produced twin lambs, ewe and a ram lamb when bred to Harvest Thyme Jammer.
They are a beautiful Shetland family! The ram lamb is pictured in front.

This ram lamb (above) will be a slightly scurred ram, as of today, he has less than 1/2 inch growth. Of all the ram lambs produced this year, he has the most exquiste, single coated fleece. The crimp on it is incredible and to mention the wonderful color like this dam!
He is offered for sale at $100.00 plus registration.
SOLD!! Thank you Kara!!!!
These 2 pictures are Savannah's ewe lamb. She will be a lighter moorit color unlike her mioget twin brother. However, she will be carrying the modified gene and she is going to be beautiful just like her dam! This ewe, though solid in color, is also carrying the spotting gene as her sire Jammer is a yuglet, flecket.

This ewe lamb is offered for sale @ $125.00 plus registration.

Harvest Thyme Sally Ann's Twin Ram Lambs 2009

Sally Ann is a twin fawn kat. ewe out of Lil' Country Eliza Jane x Windswept Yankee, a mioget sokket yuglet ram. Last year Sally Ann produced a single, black smooth polled ram. This year she doubled up and produced these handsome boys. Their sire is Harvest Thyme Jammer Thyme, a moorit, yuglet flecket ram (who is also out of my smooth polled ram).

This few spot moorit ram lamb is compact in size but is just showing wonderful confirmation potential and not too mention he has very small button scurs. He loves talking to anybody who will listen to him out in the pasture!!

He is offered for sale at $100.00 plus registration.
SOLD!!!!! Thank you Juliann!!!!

Once again Sally Ann produced another smooth polled ram lamb!! This handsome moorit boy is just becoming better each and every day!!

Such a serious and distinguish young ram!! He would make a wonderful addition to a flock working with polled genetics.
He is offered for sale at $100.00 plus registration.