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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Smooth Polled Rams for Sale

The following smooth polled Shetland rams are for sale.
Both boys are current on shots and worming.

Lil' Country Acres Jedediah Smith
Jed is a 3 year old smooth polled black gulmoget ram out of Lil'Country Acres Octavian. Jed is truly my pride and joy! He is an outstanding ram in all aspects: fleece, tail, straight legs, and the BEST personality!!!! He is such a gentleman!

Why then am I selling him? Because I am stuck in my flock with his off-spring. Too much is related to him and I honestly believe he could benefit a large flock of Shetlands esp. someone who is looking for polled genetics and single coated fleeces. Jed has also produced some nice spotted ewes/rams including twin blk gullie ewes! I will never be a big time Shetland breeder and keeping him here with a small flock is just not going to benefit polled Shetlands. I would like him to be where he is appreicated for all he has to offer. I think personally, that this is one of Julianne's best produced polled rams and if I can say I had him first that is good for me;)

This fleece shot does not do any justice to Jed's fleece but black and super crimped fleece is so hard to photograph!!! Believe me when I say, its so nice!!!
Jed is offered for sale at $300
Update 10/28 Jed is no longer for sale!

Harvest Thyme Jasper
Jasper is a Jed son and is the spitting image of him in every aspect other than he is a solid black ram. His dam is Harvest Thyme Sally Ann, a fawn kat ewe (see ewes for sale). Jasper is just so mellow and laid back. Isn't he a handsome guy?

I have not used Jasper in any of my breedings as he is too closely related to my ewes, adults and yearlings. I have no doubt that he will be an outstanding producer of polled and single coated Shetlands.
Jasper is offered for sale at $125
Sold! Thank you Martha!

Both of these rams are just wonderful! I have liked the way Jed, as a single coated ram with a great tail, has improved the fleece quality on some of the spotted ewes offspring and has helped with the tails on the spotted off-spring also.

I can send additional pictures of these guys if requested. They are truly both wonderful stewards for the Shetland breed!!!

Shetland Ewes for Sale

The following Shetland ewes are for sale.
All girls are current on shots and worming.

Harvest Thyme Autumn Thyme
This beautiful ewe is out of Windswept Savannah Grace, a mioget ewe (pictured right behind Autumn) and Lil'Country Jedediah.  She has a nice crimped fleece with a good tail.  She is a bit shy but is just so striking in features!
Offered for sale at $125
 $55 as a registered ewe or $45 unregistered.

Harvest Thyme Sally Ann
Miss Sally is out of Lil'Country Eliza(fawn kat) and Windswept Yankee (mioget,yuglet,sokket ram).  She is twin ewe.  She has consistently had one of the nicest fleeces in my flock AND as for polled genetics.......she is your ewe!!!  In 2 breedings, she has produced 2 smooth polled rams when bred to Jed., a smooth polled blk gullie.  She is shy but all of her other positives make up for it!!!
Offered for sale at $125
$55 as a registered ewe, $45 unregistered

Lil'Country Acres Eliza Jane
Eliza is a 6 year old ewe and also has consistently had nice fleeces.  She always twins and is a good mother.  She is one of the first Shetlands I purchased and I have enjoyed having her here.  Her daughter is pictured  above.  Eliza would be nice katmoget addition to a flock of Shetlands!
Offered for sale at $100
$50 as a registered ewe, $40 unregistered

Fiber Wethers for Sale

The following Shetland wethers are available as fiber pets to approved home.
All wethers are current on shots and worming.

This is a beautiful Ag Grey wether with awesome crimped fleece! He is out of Windswept Betsy and Harvest Thyme Jammer. He is a bit shy and will definitely show up for some grain handouts! I can't say enough on his fleece. Fleece pics are available if interested.

Offered for sale at $30
Sold......Thank you Karen!

If your looking to add some nice, natural moorit fleece to your fiber hobby, this little wether is perfect! He is a friendly little guy, only about 55 lbs as a yearling and therefore is perfect as a fiber pet on small acres. He could also make a nice 4-H project for a youngster;)

Offered for sale at $30
Sold.....Thank you Karen!!