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Goat Kids for Sale 2011
There was quite the kid explosion here this past spring!  Let me just say that ALL of these boys are insanely friendly and would make wonderful farm pets!  They will gladly assist in mowing the lawn, getting rid of nasty poison ivy and munch down on any other weeds that might need to be eradicated.  But most of all, they make great companions for other goats or horses and will just love on you as much as you let them!

This well structured, adorable single LaMancha buckling comes out of Autumn Acres Mooshie.  Mooshie is a first year freshener and has been a wonderful mom, supplying her buckling with an abundant amount of milk! He has his dam's inquisitive personality and loves to play!

He will follow you around as much as you let him especially if you let him rub his head on leg!

Because his dam was first year freshener, one that freshened with a nice solid udder he will be offered as a buckling.  However, if one prefers to have his award winning cute face just as a pet, he can be wethered.
Price as a buckling will $100.
Price as a wether will be $55.00
(He has already been dehorned & received 1st shots)
Please inquire if there are additional questions about his breeding lines.

These cream colored LaMancha twin bucklings (soon to be wethers & already dehorned) will make awesome companion pets on a farm!
Sired about of Autumn Acres and Celtic Knot lines, they have great little personalities and are just plan fun to be around!

They have their dam's gentle personality...........

.........and just plain love attention and want to be loved!
Priced at $50.00 each as wethers to a loving pet home.
($10.00 discount if they are sold together)

If you are looking for a goat to provide loads of laughs and with a personality plus, this too cute Mini-Mancha is the goat for you!  What is a Mini-Mancha???  Well, it is a goat that is half LaMancha and half Nigerian Dwarf!

This little guy has already been dehorned, wethered, and had his first shots so he is ready to go to a new home!!! His personality is like no other..........

..........he entertains himself and will leave you laughing with his crazy antics and sense of humor!
Priced at $50.00 to a loving pet home.

Please keep in mind that goats are companion animals and do need another goat as a buddy!

All goats here at Harvest Thyme are raised with sheep, 2 miniature horses, and 3 dogs so they are use to being around other animals!

Please inquire if there are an additional questions!