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Thursday, September 23, 2010

September Sales Update 2010

I have added some Shetland ewes and wethers to my sales list. All of the Shetlands are current on shots and worming. My prices are very fair due to my desire and need to trim down numbers for the winter. If you are interested in any of the Shetlands please contact me and I will answer any questions you have.
Thank you for your interest in Harvest Thyme Homestead!

This is Harvest Thyme Pumpkin. She is a 2 year old single ewe out of Harvest Thyme Abigail (fawn kat) and Lil' Country Acres Jedidiah (blk gully). She is very petite and shy. I have not registered her yet as I still am trying to figure out her color? She has an adorable face, nice little tail, and her fleece is coming in nicely this year and she is carrying the polled gene from Jed:)
Note: Thank you Rayna clarifying that Pumpkin is a gully/kat! Makes sense now:)
She is offered for sale at $65 as a registered ewe.
Sold...........thank you Karen!

Harvest Thyme Susanna
Susanna is a 2 year old single ewe out of Lil'Country Acres Eliza (fawn kat) and Lil'Country Acres Jedidiah. She is very shy, petite, and extremely single coated like Jedidiah. Her fleece is very soft with a nice crimp, unfortunately, trying to get a picture of that is quite challenaging! If you like single coated Shetlands, she is definitely your ewe and she is carrying the polled gene from Jed!
Susanna is offered for sale at $55 as a registered ewe.
Sold.......Thank you Karen!

Lil'Country Acres Polly
Polly is a 2004 black smirslet ewe. She is gentle Shetland and a very good mother! In 2009 she had black ram lamb and a black gully ewe and in 2008 had a very flashy moorit, flecket, yuglet ram lamb. She would be a wonderful addition to a Shetland flock. I am retaining her black gully ewe lamb and therefore I am offering her for sale.
Polly is offered for sale at $55 as a registered ewe.
Sold! Thank you Martha!
This one year old, big white spot wether is actually a favorite of mine and I can't believe I am offering him for sale! I have not named him because if I do, he is staying! He is very friendly, loves chin rubs, and has a very nice fleece. He was just wethered a few months ago as his one horn just did not take the right turn. This horn will need to be trimmed occassionally. He is small, no more than 60 lbs. He would make a fantastic addition to a spinner's flock!
He is offered for sale at $60.
Sold......Thank you Karen!

Harvest Thyme Sally Ann
This is an updated picture of Sally Ann, a 2005 twin, fawn kat ewe. She has lambed 2 smooth polled ram lambs when bred to a smooth polled ram. Scroll down to see more info. on her.
Sold.......Thank you Dave!

Ag Grey wether for sale......up dated picture of him. See details on previous posts. Great addition for a spinner's flock!!!
Sold......Thank you Karen!

Harvest Thyme Sweet Annie
Annie is the spittin' image of her mom, Sheltering Pines Spirit! Her sire is Jedidiah. How exciting to see spots and know there is a polled gene in there! Annie's fleece is coming in nicely this year and she is working on her shyness! She is a 2008 single ewe and is ready to be bred this year. Her dam has never given me anything but spots and I just know Annie will do the same!
Annie is offered for sale at $125 as a registered ewe.
Annie has been sold..........Thank You Dave!!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Garden Show

It has been a long week for me so I thought I would do a little "pick me" blog to make me smile and I thought some of my Fall Flowers might bring a smile to those reading also.

So, "Welcome" to my Fall Flower show............

A burst of crimson mums in my front yard garden.

Fall blooming garden asters in the picket garden................

.......and of course smiling sunflowers, a picture that I took this past weekend actually.

Today we had a rainstorm that brought in some humidity then cooling temps.  The window green house had collected dew along the panes giving the garden mum and pumpkin inside a "homey" feeling look:)

And always bringing a smile to my face is a fun pair of garden boots........who can resist flowers on rain boots? I can't. I admit, I have an issue with boots, well actually its an issue with shoes in general.  Well, my issue is with the stores who stock this stuff on their shelves.  Why would TSC put something this cute next to Muck Boots? Okay, so why was I even looking at Muck Boots? I already have a pair but I want the tall Muck Chore Boots for winter.  I compromised, however, and bought the flower boots as a "transitional" pair of boots between Fall and Winter.  See, I feel much better now:)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick Sales Update

I have reduced the prices on the ewes. I will be adding more ewes for sale hopefully by this weekend. All of the ewes are ready to be bred and are healthy.  I  need to reduce my numbers by the end of October.  All of ewes are out of good breeding stock.  Please drop me a note if you have any questions.