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2011 Shetland Ewe Lambs for Sale
This spring bought the arrival of 2 beautiful twin ewes out of Windswept Savannah Grace and Lil' Country Acres Jedidiah Smith. These ewes are 2 of the top ewe lambs produced here at Harvest Thyme. Each girl has a nice fluke tail and wonderfully crimped fleece!  In addition each girl has their own unique characteristics that makes them special and will capture their new Shepherd's heart instantly;)

This black gulmoget ewe lamb is just stunning!  She has the best of both worlds......her sire's awesome crimped fleece and her mioget dam's striking good looks! 

She is a tad shy but as one can see she is not shy when it comes to eating! She loves to kick up her heels with her sister when it comes to playtime in the morning sun!
She is being offered for sale at $200.

Savannah's black ewe lamb has also carried on her sire's extremely beautiful crimped fleece and is following in her father's hoof prints with an award winning personality!  She is very friendly and loves her daily chin scratches.

As one can see, she is practicing on becoming a professional rock climber and is showing signs of becoming a peppermint treat junkie!  She will be an outstanding addition to any Shetland flock!
She is being offered for sale at $150.

I am proud to offer these ewe lambs for sale as they are 2 of the top ewe lambs produced here at Harvest Thyme!  Both of these ewes will be registered with NASSA.
Please email me or leave a comment if you are interested or would like to see addtional pictures.